• Ballet 4 Irish Dance

    Ballet technique through an Irish Dance Lens

  • Ballet cross-training program built for Irish dancers!

    Ballet 4 Irish Dance explores the relationship between Ballet and Irish Dance in a new and inventive way, using ballet as a tool to enhance students Irish Dancing in all aspects. With a focus on injury prevention, Maddie Russo teaches students new exercises to perform as a warmup and cool down in addition to their regular Irish Dance classes. This will not only increase their turnout, strength and the pointe of their feet, but it will also give them more of an elevated edge in the classroom and at competition.
    *Can be added in conjunction with your booked workshop*

  • About Maddie!

    Maddie Rae Russo is a dancer originally from Delaware. She has spent the last four years living in New York City and working as a professional dancer and has performed all over the North American Continent as a soloist dancer for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Her technical background is in ballet, which she has studied for over ten years with Priscilla Payson who trained and performed with the Royal Academy of Ballet. Maddie was a Youth America Grand Prix finalist in 2014 performing at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Within the last two years she has worked alongside some of the best Irish dancers in the country, in the show Celtic Fyre, where she first developed the program!

  • Ballet 4 Irish Dance Benefits

    Improved Arch

    Dancers will be instructed how to point from their ankles to their toes, creating a more complete point!

    Improved Flexibility

    Dancers will learn new ballet stretching techniques to improve their overall range of motion!

    Improved Turnout

    Dancers will create a better awareness of turnout through both hips.

    Injury Prevention

    Through Plié exercises, dancers will learn new warmup and cooldown techniques to better prepare their bodies for dancing!

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